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Stageworks creates the perfect outlet for the more obviously imaginative and outgoing, but also nurtures those with less confidence to reveal their creativity too.
We embrace the natural hunger that young people have to explore and create, by providing an ideal platform for each member to  be themselves, then develop and  grow.
Through acting, musical theatre training and productions, we develop their skills to create confident focused performers for Stage & Screen, and for life.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers are qualified and highly skilled specialists in their fields. Many teach performing arts in Schools, Colleges, and University, and perform professionally, but most importantly, they all have a wonderful affinity with young people.

Workshops and Theatre Productions

We present beautifully appointed dance studios and drama studios. and produce exciting full scale shows every year – starring only our students.
Our shows are performed in popular theatres to give our students a true feel of the mechanics of the industry, from their first rehearsal to their final encore!

Reports and Optional Qualifications

We understand that you want to be advised on progress, so parents are given annual progress reports.
Students also have the opportunity to take internationally recognised qualifications through Trinity College London, NATD and ABRSM – These are optional, but highly recommended.

Stageworks Programmes, Times, and Fees

Our lower and upper senior schools 10 to 12 and 13 to 18 years have the option of two programmes to choose from –Drama/Acting or Musical Theatre (acting, dance and singing.)

We open Saturdays 44 weeks per year with workshops commencing at 9.30A.M.

Stageworks senior school musical theatre training programmes excluding breaks are 3 hours in duration and are just 20.50 per week, drama/acting only programmes are 1.5 hours and these work out at £12.00 per week.

Skills for life, stage and film careers.

Many senior school students wish to develop foundation skills for stage and film careers, but equally there are members who love to learn to perform just for fun. Whatever their aims, at MTA, they will gain lasting friendships and wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Musical Theatre – Dance students gain fitness and health benefits, while they learn exciting new, and traditional musical theatre routines through Jazz, modern theatre, and commercial styles.

Musical Theatre – Singing the latest and traditional hit songs from the shows our students develop vocal range, vocal performance, enhance vocal stamina and projection, learn complex harmonies, learn to act through song and move seamlessly from dialogue to song and dance.

In Acting student skills improve through role play, script work, improvisation, voice work, acting for camera for TV and film, and numerous associated skills including stage fighting, puppetry, mime, mask and many more.

In Shows see self –esteem and confidence, go through the roof, when members perform in our fantastic full-scale productions.

Stageworks - Lower & Upper Senior School

Where We Started

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MTA Specialist Teachers

Mainstream’s staff and teachers are trained and experienced professionals.
They have been carefully selected for their teaching skills, performance experience, qualifications and most importantly for their ability and affinity with children and young people.
All staff are regularly monitored to ensure they maintain safe practice and high standards and they are of course regularly checked with the DBS (Previously CRB) Our teachers are passionate about communicating their subjects to young people, so you can be assured of high quality tuition in a safe, welcoming and rewarding environment.


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