PPA & Enrichment

MTA offer the best tutors at incredibly generous fee rates

We can supply specialists for a whole year or a single day of PPA cover or curriculum enhancement with an activity that will stimulate the children and fit snugly in with National Curriculum requirements. Our skilled and experienced tutors can bring to your school weekly classes during curricular time in musicdramadance or musical theatre  that are also tailored to fit your individual  requirements. We cover many cross-curricular topics and skills, focusing on a practical, physical approach to learning.

Through performance, we cover topics such as storytelling and story structure, improvisation, character, critical analysis, copying, remembering and repeating dance moves, choreography, different dance styles, voice production and control, group singing, different music styles, melody and harmony and much more. Our lessons, though, benefit pupils in many other ways, such as increasing self awareness and self confidence, improving ability to work uncompetitively as part of a group, mutual support, physical fitness and a great deal of other social benefits.

Our teachers have years of experience of teaching young children and are also specialists in the performing arts and so bring a great deal of subject-specific knowledge into the classroom. They are of course regularly DBS checked, insured and very reliable. In the rare case of absence, we supply a replacement teacher so we always have you covered.

Our specialists are also available for extended school lesson too, so why not add on an after school club on the same day? Our programmes can include termly performances and adding an end of day club can be more cost-effective than you may think.


  • We have had provision from Mainstream for over ten years. In that time we have been extremely pleased with the level of service provided. Providers come in to deliver drama and singing classes with the children during school times as part of our PPA cover and for after school activities. The service is reliable and on the odd occasion when our usual teacher is unavailable there is a replacement. Staff are ready to listen to requests. Work is tailored to fit in with current topics so that we have cross curricular teaching. During classes children are able to shine in different ways so enhancing their confidence and enjoyment of school.
    Sharron White, Headteacher
    Denton West End Primary School
  • The Mainstream Theatre Arts company has provided our pupils with excellent opportunities to develop a wide range of skills. I have seen considerable changes in pupil confidence, self-esteem and performance skills with dramatic improvements in their acting skills. The comprehensive modules have culminated in fantastic performances which have been shared and celebrated with both parents and staff. I would wholeheartedly recommend the company to deliver both quality curricular and extra-curricular performing arts education.
    C R Jones, Deputy Headteacher
    Lacey Green Primary School, Wilmslow
  • Mainstream Drama provides a rich variety of learning-based activities for children across the primary range. Punctual and consistent support by a single instructor has enabled children to gain maximum enjoyment and make good progress with their learning. Adding focused drama lessons to our curriculum has allowed us to provide a quality learning opportunity for our children in addition to freeing up staff time for planning and preparation.
    Stuart Harris, Deputy Headteacher
    Park Road Primary School, Timperley