We Play We Learn-We Learn We Play

Time To Shine!

At Stageworks we turn your children’s play into stage performance enabling them to have fantastic fun learning the first essential skills in acting, singing, and dance.

MTA make the arts incredibly accessible with NO forced long term commitment or enormous fee outlay- You simply pay as you attend with classes starting at just £6.50 per hour

We open 44 weeks of each year with programmes on Saturdays. Classes are available from age 3 years and are split into appropriate age groups.

We offer optional graded exams through Trinity College London in Drama and Musical Theatre and National Association of Teachers of Dance (NATD) in dance.

Wonderful Facilities - Your children will be enthralled by the professional areas. We present beautifully appointed dance studios, drama studios and a fantastic modern theatre.

Exciting Classes and Professional Teachers

Like all good schools, our Academy lead teachers are both PGCE QTS qualified and are highly skilled specialists in performing arts. They create the most welcoming and safe environment for your children and ensure the perfect outlet for the more obviously imaginative and outgoing children, but most particularly to nurture those with less confidence to lower their inhibitions and to reveal their creativity too.

Children are often bursting with energy and ready for fun, so we make sure our classes deliver just that!

In dance classes they improve their fitness and health benefits while they delight in learning the latest steps and new routines.

In drama they listen with interest and begin to speak more confidently while having fantastic fun learning to act through storytelling, role play, and improvisation.

In Singing Classes they positively beam with enjoyment learning new songs that teach correct breathing, timing, rhythm and song formation as they develop their vocal skills.

The benefits of Stageworks go way beyond learning performance skills however - students get to expand their cultural experiences and develop their creativity in classes that are also wonderful for increasing confidence, improving literacy, problem solving skills and verbal expressiveness.

All Skills & experiences that hugely benefit them and their future careers whatever they may be -Through Stageworks, children can begin to develop their social skills, leadership skills, and the ability to work with others. 


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